Developmental Disorders/Autism

Targeting Autism: What We Know, Don't Know, and Can Do to Help Young Children With Autism and Related Disorders, by Shirley Cohen;  Publisher: University of California Press; Updated edition (July 2002), ISBN: 0520234804. Targeting Autism reaches out to everyone who lives with, cares about, or is trying to understand and help a young child who has or may have autism. With special attention to recent advances in early identification and educational treatment, Shirley Cohen, a teacher of teachers, provides expert guidance for families, educators, students, therapeutic personnel. Readers will welcome this informed and humane combination of up-to-date research findings, personal observations, and narratives from parents and adults with autism.

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother's Story of Research and Recovery  by Karyn Seroussi, Publisher: Broadway Books; 1st Broadw edition (January 2002)  ISBN: 0767907981. When their nineteen-month-old son, Miles, was diagnosed with autism, Karyn Seroussi, a writer, and her husband, a scientist, fought back with the only weapons at their disposal: love and research. Consulting medical papers, surfacing the Web, and networking with other parents, they traced the onset of their child's problems to an immune system breakdown that coincided with his vaccinations. As a result, his digestive system was unable to break down certain proteins, which in turn led to abnormal brain development.Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder is an inspiring and suspenseful chronicle of how one couple empowered themselves to challenge the medical establishment that promised no hope -- and found a cure for their child.

Facing Autism: Giving Parents Reasons for Hope and Guidance for Help by Lynn M. Hamilton; Publisher: Waterbrook Press; (March 2000) ISBN: 1578562627. Now parents of autistic children can find the hope and practical guidance they need. Perhaps one of the most devastating things parents can learn is that their child has been diagnosed with autism. A multifaceted disorder, autism has long baffled parents and professionals alike. At one time, doctors gave parents virtually no hope for combating the disorder. But in recent years, new treatments and therapies have demonstrated that improvement is possible. With intensive, early intervention, some children have recovered from autism and have been integrated into school, indistinguishable from their peersIn Facing Autism, parents will learn ten things they can do to begin battling autism right away, investigate cutting-edge biomedical treatments and other therapies, explore the benefits of dietary intervention, and much more as they learn how to begin the fight for their child's future.


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