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Here resides a number of informational and inspirational writings that have appeared as messages on the Our-Kids list over the years. Feel free to send any comments.

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Health Care Information

A Rehab Doc's Take on Brain Injury, by Vikki Stefans, pediatric physiatrist (rehab doc for kids), June 2000

Dentistry for the Disabled Child and Adult A guide written by practicing dentist Jim Bubenik.

The Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on Functional Outcomes in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Single Case Description. By Ginny Paleg, MS PT. Submitted to Our-Kids May 1998

GI Medline Search Compiled Results of 10/96 search on the MEDLINE database with the key words gastrostomy or fundoplication, limited to pediatric age groups and English language records since 1991.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Individuals with Neurological Dysfunction. By Ginny Paleg, MS PT. Submitted to Our-Kids May 1998

Ketogenic Diet FAQ
A treatment option for difficult to control seizures in the pediatric population. By Jan Silbermann and Diane Martinet.

Vagus Nerve Stimulator Epilepsy Medline Search
Compiled Results of search on the MEDLINE with the key words Vagus nerve stimulator epilepsy.

What is Cerebral Palsy?
by United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Inc., 1993

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Coping & Support

Being Different, by Silvia, February 2003

Dear Professional: What Parents Want to Tell You. By Muriel Hykes, March 1999

Electronic Parenting or, It Takes A (Listserv) Village to Raise Families with Disabilities. Dona M. Avery, January 1998. Link courtesy of Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) Magazine.

Hurting Our-Kids and Guilt. Touching and thoughtful post submitted by Jennifer Saks in response to the guilt and remorse being expressed by parents after a series of unfortunate accidents involving our children. 11/98

Family Coping with Loss of Support and Hurtful Comments
A summary of responses to a questionnaire asking how people cope with the lose of support and hurtful comments from loved ones and the medical community. By Dick Sobsey, Abuse & Disability Project, Aug 1995.

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Inspirational Poems And Writings

A Hundred Tears. Poem by Sally Meyer, March 1999

The Ballad of Special Eddie by Dick Sobsey. Cute educational poem.

Being an Our-Kids Parents Means
Reflections on accomplishments that make Our-Kids Parents happy, by Barb, April 1997.

Cindy's In Heaven, poem by Terry for Cindy Maples, 2006

disABILITY Prayer poem by Tina Yows, July 1997

Don't Poem by Jessica Soukup written for her son, Keaton, 10/98

Essay: People with Disabilities. Award winning essay written by 6 year old Madison for her sister Kimberly. March 28, 1998

Fathers' Day 2000, Dedication to Fathers by Dick Sobsey, June 2000

Fear, Our unexpected companion, by Sue, April 1997.

Forget Me Not, a child's viewpoint Poem

Four Years Ago, by Marla Garr, October 2001

Friends of the Handicapped Poem.

The Friend Who Stands By Poem.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P. S.U.P.P.O.R.T. E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N. H.U.M.O.R.
By Andee Dunn. The acronymic method for successfully managing special needs children.

Gardeners From Heaven, poem by Teresa Zink, May 2004

God's Loan poem.

God Sent to Me an Angel poem by Paul Dammann

Growing Pains, by Juby Shapiro. Written November 1997 for her daughter.

Happy Birthday July 13th, 1999, poem by Cathryn, July 1999

Heaven's Special Child poem.

Hikari Finds Voice
Story of how father uses writing as a tool to deal with his grief until his son at last speaks.

How Do You Do It? (We Went To Ireland) by Andee Dunn. What happens after you've already been to Holland? (See CP_help.txt file for "Welcome to Holland")

I am ......for mothers, by Michelle Guppy - for those "Special" mom's on Mother's Day, May 2000

I am.........the teacher, by Michelle Guppy - In tribute to the teachers, paraprofessionals, aides, and therapists -past and present- who took, and still take, their jobs seriously, August 2000

I am the Child Inspirational writing. Possible thoughts from a child who has disabilities?

I Do Talk to You Poem by Jessica Soukup, 11/98

Jacobs Prayer poem by Julie Honeyman, written for her son.

Keeping Things in Perspective, poem by Mary Gorman, April 1999

Lesson From A Child Recapturing the child like faith latent in our hearts.

Letter to Trisha, writing by Patricia, April 1999

Little Miracles, by Sue Argy. Written March 1997 for her daughter.

Loss writing by Debbie Wilson, May 1996

Mothers Day
"Mothers Day", beautiful poem written by special education teacher Jodi Henry for her students to give their Mothers.

My Beautiful Madelyn! Poem by CindySue

My child is not a label, poem by Denise, June 1999

My Son Can
Wonderful poem by Beverly Lynch, July 1995. Written after hearing a teacher tell another parent that her expectations for her son were too high.

Nathan, by Emilie Saks, 1987. A touching story of what a sister had to say about her brother, now an Our-Kids Angel, Nathan.

No Longer Alone
By Lori Kutnink. A wonderful symbolization of what Email Support groups can achieve.

The Outsider Poem.

My Daddy, My Hero. Fathers Day poem written by Cheryl, June 2001

My Perfect Child Poem.

Of Lost Teeth and Changes, by Juby Shapiro, 1996 (added to archives December 1999)

OK-12 Days of Christmas, the 12 Days of Christmas for caregivers of children with disabilities (added Jan 2000)

One Year Ago......I Didn't Know (Cassidy's Birthday Poem), by Cherl Veenstra. Written for her daughter's first birthday on 9/9/1999

Physical Disability: What Does it Really Mean? Written by 14 year old Kelly.

Pipkin and the Rainbow by Veronica Morley Hubert. A Story of learning, reality, and elves.

Premature Baby Prayer poem.

Reflections From the Cusp, writing by Lori and response by Judi, December 1999

The Silent, Constant Scream poem by Pat Linkhorn, from FIN FACTS. How a lot of us feel.

Small Wooden People, story about self-esteem and love.

Song for Bobby, by Marv Borgman. Written November 1996.

The Special Child poem.

The Special Mother by Erma Bombeck.

Steps Toward Tomorrow, poem by Joanne Kocourek. How she feels with each new curve Kristen or the physicians throw their way.

The Ten Commandments for Parents of Handicapped Children, May 1999

Thank you Bobby for Teaching Us What Love is Really All About, by Anna Rham, April 1999

A Thanksgiving Miracle, by Mina McGean

Three Letters from Teddy
By Elizabeth Ballard. Great story of how a teacher transforms a child's life.

Thoughts From the Middle of the Night
By Pam Wilson, Northwest Baby, May 1991. Inspiring story of a Mother of a boy with Down Syndrome.

To Alexandra On Mother's Day, beautiful poem by Susan Hall, May 1996

To My Anticipated Son, wonderful poem by Kathleen Hoppe, Aug 1995.

To My Son Poem by Anne MacLellan written for her son, 10/98

To Whom it May Concern poem by William Joslin, July 1997

Tribes, by Carolyn Murray, Spring 2001

Victoria My Child You Just Turned Two, by Mary Fitz, August 1997. Submitted to Our-Kids June 1998.

Welcome to Holland by Emily Perl Kingsley, 1987.

Welcome Into My Heart, Cassidy Anne, by Cheryl Veenstra. Written for her daughter who has Spina Bifida on 6/13/1998.

What Do You Dream My Son, by Rona, January 2004.

What If writing by Debbie Wilson, March 1996.

"What will she be like?", by David Wetherow, October 2001. Letter to a new mom asking...

What Wyatt is: (Not What He Isn't), by Rona, January 2003.

Where are the Parents?
By Sue Stuyvesant. For those that just can't figure out why so many of us can't make those school meetings (volunteer for activities, etc., etc., etc.)

Whole poem by Cherry Moore for her son Lew.

Why People Should Treat the Disabled Kindly, essay by Elizabeth, June 1999

The Woman in the Mirror..., by Cheryl, February 2001

You have Taught Me. By Anne Maclellan, March 1998

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Internet Related Resources and Materials

Common Health/disability Email Group Acronyms
Common acronyms used in the health/disabilities email groups. By Denise Ullman.

A Email Interest Group Netiquette Guide
Suggestions that will make participation in an email group easier, faster and more enjoyable for everyone.

Introduction to LISTSERVs
This is an introduction to Listservs paper written for Seans school. Please feel free to modify and use this paper if you feel it beneficial in introducing people to listservs.

Smiley Face Dictionary, Fun little dictionary.

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