Behavioral Challenges

Gentle teachinga resource to all who wish to learn about and practice Gentle Teaching under the leadership and mentoring of John McGee Ph.D. and the world wide community of Gentle Teachers.
Positive Behavioral Support  The Beach Center on Family and Disability's page on Positive Behavioral support, which includes pages on Resources, Family Stories, research reports, fact sheets, and an on-line class.

Autism Links:

TEACCH (toilet training) 
TEACCH (structured teaching) 
Challenging Behaviors: An Applied Behavior Analysis ApproachAutism Society's Challenging Behaviors package
ABA & Autism Related Links  Facts and Information about Autism (COSAC), Association for Behavior Analysis, and International Organization, Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis, The Picture Exchange System (PECS), Autism Society of America's (ASA's) description of intensive behavioral intervention; includes referral to other providers

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