Personal Assistants   We connect homecare professionals and those who need them.  PCA, HHA, CNA, RN, LPN.  This web site is FREE to homecare workers and those who need them.  The person who built this site did this so disabled people, like himself, could find personal care aids and nurses without having to advertise in newspapers.  I tried it and it worked well, although on 9/4/99 it returned only one Minnesota ad.  I imagine, once people find out about it, it will be much busier.

Assistant Referral  People with extensive disabilities can find personal assistants in their hometown or other parts of the world which they plan to visit. And personal assistants can advertise their need for work.

Personal Assistance Network  Provides discussion forums and full-text library with information,
examples of good practice, advice and support for personal assistance users.

Managing Your Life with Personal Care Assistants Arizona State University's Assistant Management Training Program manual; very thorough, I thought.

Creative Ideas

Personal Assistants are difficult to find, and families are going without
or . . . doing some very creative things.
Let's collect them here:

Hiring Persons With Disabilities to Care for Disabled

Pam has a 9-year-old son with physical and cognitive disabilities.  She hires a student from a job-training program to provide afterschool care and companionship to her son.  This program is called Bridges From School to Work, created and partially funded by the Marriott Hotel Foundation.
The agency, Bridges From School to Work, has outlets in six cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Fairfax County, Va.
Pam said you could e-mail her for more information.  Click here: 

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