Assistive Technology and Equipment

ABLEDATA, information on assistive technology. Sponsored by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education.

Access First  Inexpensive switches and battery interrupters and other AAC devices.  has a Resource Center  which lists everything from assistive animals, assistive productions, associations, furniture, household needs, lifestyle, medical equipment, parent services, sports & recreation, support groups, technology, travel & vehicles.

Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)You can call an Alliance Resource Center for help with your computer and assistive technology. Someone will know how to help you as you deal with frustrations or choices, and will know where to refer you for additional help. Equipment can be tried and evaluated there, as well.

Apple Computer's Disability Resources  Apple computer offers support to their customers with this great assistive technology site.

Assistance Dog Providers  A very long list of assistance dog providers.

BIOTN (The Best Information on the Net) is a site developed by librarians at O'Keefe Library at St. Ambrose University. The site offers information on adaptive technology, disability law, organizations and institutes and links to other useful sites.

Closing the Gap  This is an excellent magazine/newsletter about computer technology for people with disabilities. Subscription cost is $29/year. Contact: Closing the Gap, P.O. Box 68, Henderson, MN 56044. Phone: 612-248-3294 FAX 612-248-3810.

Computer Access Solutions  This web site will explore and direct you to the many alternative input methods and devices available for accessing the computer.

EASI (Equal Access to Software and Information) provides information on assistive technology as well as links to product information.

Empowerment Zone's  list of assistive technology links.

Enabling Devices  is a company with the mission to produce affordable learning and assistive devices for the physically challenged. They claim to have the broadest selection of products of any manufacturer.

Extensions For Independence - The Mouthstick Connection  Designer and manufacturer of home and office related equipment for the disabled, by Arthur Heyer. ". . . things that have helped me live a meaningful and productive life in spite of my disability. These things are low-technology aids, tips of knowledge, and my philosophy of life."

EyeTech Digital Systems  software that enables people to use their computers with only eye movements.

Half the Planet  has a huge, searchable database with thousands of entries including government agencies, private resources for individuals with disabilities, specialized information for health care professionals, support groups, non-profit organizations and care facilities.

IBM Special Needs Systems  Lots of technology on the products page and a lot of links on the resources page.

Jim Lubin's Home Page. He has too much to list, but he is a quadriplegic who uses technology and the site includes everything about computers and software (more than you wanted to know) as well as a lot of other information. Amazing site!

Microsoft's Accessibility and Disabilities site. Lots of stuff, a search and an index, sections organized by disability.

Nicholas Creative, information and tools relating to Web Accessibility

RESNA, Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America  Key RESNA programs include the Annual Conference and Exhibits, publication of the journal, Assistive Technology, RESNA Publications, and support to professionals in the field. The Technical Assistance Project provides assistance to 56 State Tech Act projects.

Trace Research and Development Center The Trace Center has been widely regarded for many years as the leading research, development, and resource center in the area of access to computers by people with disabilities. It is well known for its work in disability access and universal design of the World Wide Web, information transaction machines, and telecommunications. The Trace Center has a division called "Co-Net" with a products listing of 23334 items under these categories: architectural, communication, computers, controls, education, home management, orthotics, personal care, prosthetics, recreation, seating, sensory disabilities, therapeutic aids, transportation, universal, vocational, walking, wheeled mobility.

WheelchairNet, Wheelchair Products and Services, an unusual site which has everything from seating to aids for daily living to ramps and scooters and other things of interest for those who use wheelchairs. The Products and Services section  contains information about mobility devices and the other technologies that support the use of wheelchairs and scooters.

WebABLE!  is the authoritative Web site for disability-related internet resources. WebABLE!'s accessibility database lists hundreds of internet based resources on accessibility. WebABLE! is an initiative of WebABLE! Solutions.

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