Transition to Adulthood

Newsletter of Matrix Parent Network & Resource Center   Matrix has some excellent articles on transition.

Beach Center on Families and Disability, Articles on Transition:
       How to Help a Student With a Disability Get Ready for Adult Life
       How To Jump Start Job and Career Preparation for Adolescents With Disabilities
       Developing Self-Determination
       What You Should Know About Person-Centered Planning

Technical Assistance on Transition and the Rehabilitation Act (TATRA)
TATRA offers a variety of services that help the Rehabilitation Service Administration parent training projects achieve their goals. These services include individual technical assistance plans and ongoing information and referral to these centers, an annual conference, teleconferencing, and a biannual newsletter.  There is some interesting information on transition on this site, as well as trainings.

National Transistion Network, 1313 SE Fifth St. Ste. 103, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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