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The Our-Kids Web site supports the Our-Kids Email list. Our-Kids is a "Family" of parents, caregivers and others who are working with children with physical and/or mental disabilities and delays. We call the list "Our-Kids". While it isn't exactingly descriptive, it avoids the pitfalls of labeling our kids anything but what they most certainly are: The wonderful little people in our lives.

The Our-Kids list consist of over 700 people representing children of varying diagnosis; everything from indefinite developmental delays and sensory integration problems, to cerebral palsy, to rare genetic disorders. Our-Kids provides global support and has members from several countries, Canada, England, Australia, Africa, etc.  Our-Kids was formed in January 1993 by Ashley, on behalf of her son Austin who has Angelman Syndrome.

Here we can discuss our children's accomplishments and defeats, knowing that the audience includes others who know what we are going through. We can also get some idea of how others address specific problems/concerns with feeding, learning, schools, medical resources, techniques and equipment, as well as describing the problems to friends and family or just coping.

A few professionals, organizations and therapists also monitor and contribute to the list.

My name is Randy, and I represent my sons Sean and Shane.  Sean is 16 years old and has severe cerebral palsy, spastic-quad, as a result of severe muconium aspiration. Sean is non-verbal and non-ambulatory. He is very aware though, has a great laugh, and horrible grump which he has artfully mastered to effectively manipulate his daddy.  Shane, 12 years old, was diagnosed as Autistic in October 1998.  Shane is very happy, self entertaining and speaks a lot of words.  He is currently showing his teachers at school how to use a computer..

Some of the kids represented on this list have more severe problems than ours, while others do not. Some are further ahead in capability and age, while others are not. But ourselves and our kids have all benefited in the areas of support and knowledge thanks to the wonderful participants of this list (and this really is a wonderful bunch of folks here). Please feel free to introduce yourself and your child or your reason for interest to the list.  Click HERE for instructions to join our Email group!

Raising an adult or teen with special needs?   Visit our new extended family, the Our-Kids-Adults site!

Featured Kid: Cam, son of Michele and Brian

Cameron Smith was born with severe disabilities due to the fact that his mother contracted Fifth Disease while in her first trimester of pregnancy.  This is a virus that virtually all of us get as children, and is only dangerous to a baby in the first 3 months of prenatal development.  He cannot walk or talk, but has learned to walk on his knees in recent years.  Cameron’s optic nerve is underdeveloped, he has central apnea, he is fed via feeding tube, and he has a seizure disorder and is developmentally delayed.  Despite all the problems Cam faces, he is a joy to his family and responds to their love. 
A fairly recent article highlighted Cam and the impact he has had on his family: http://110mag.v1.myvirtualpaper.com/wlinks_may08/en/?page=86

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